Building Momentum

Although Hobsonville Point is still in the early stages of an evolutionary process that will continue long after the designers, builders and developers have moved on to new projects, the foundations for a highly cohesive and successful community are well and truly in place. Like getting a flywheel turning, most of the effort goes toward establishing momentum.

The masterplan overlaid on an aerial shot of the peninsula.

Hobsonville Point arial view

AVJennings is extremely proud to have been involved with this project since its inception because of the degree to which the parties involved have delivered on the vision. Partnerships with HLC, the designers, the building companies, and Auckland Council have all been rewarding because each party has been inspired to keep the vision as the driver for every design move and every commercial decision. These partnerships really have built ‘a strong, vibrant community that sets new benchmarks for quality and accessible urban development with an environmentally responsible focus.’

Streetscape design that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists.

Hobsonville Point streetscape

Hobsonville Point is already firmly established as a community in the minds of its growing body of residents. An independent post occupancy report which evaluated residents of Buckley Precinct found 98.5% of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘Hobsonville Point is a great place to live.’ Effort put into design-led masterplanning that puts community first is evident in results such as 87% said they felt it was a safe place for children to play/explore unsupervised (compared to 70% citywide) and 85% felt safe after dark in their neighbourhood, compared to 56% in Auckland.

'Come Fly With Me' kite day is one of many placemaking initiatives.

Hobsonville Point children playing

Access to the waterfront is a key to the area's appeal.

Hobsonville Point rowers in the evening

Although Hobsonville Point’s new homes are a drop in the bucket in terms of solving Auckland’s housing shortage, the development provides clear insights into how to do medium density well, and in a way that Aucklanders will embrace. Part of HLC’s mandate is to seek to inspire the local development community to emulate the high density/high quality/high amenity model which has been so successful at Hobsonville Point.

The quality of the homes, streetscapes, and public spaces and the access to amenity, recreation and nature resonates with locals because these neighbourhoods, although new, have borrowed from the old and feel familiar at a deep level.

The popular Catalina Cafe.

Hobsonville Point's Catalina Cafe

Existing mature trees among new high-quality homes.

Hobsonville Point green streets

It has, and continues to be, a hugely satisfying project as commercial success follows good design and masterplanning. The project is delivering high quality homes more rapidly than any other developer in New Zealand at a scale of development that has never been achieved before.

Crucially, Auckland Council has adopted the approach to development at Hobsonville Point as a working example of best practice as they solidify the Unitary Plan which will shape the Auckland of the future.

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