Mix of Typologies

Diversity makes for a strong community. It takes people from all of life’s ages and stages and income levels to create vibrancy and resilience.

There are housing options for people of all life’s stages at Hobsonville Point.

Family cycling on Hobsonville Point

An important cornerstone of the Hobsonville Point vision is  to provide a range of typologies at a range of different pricing levels within every neighbourhood so that community diversity becomes part of the fabric of Hobsonville Point. This strategy has been fundamental to Hobsonville Point’s success.

At the same time the typology mix has been aimed at keeping prices accessible by taking a more economical approach to land use and house size than has been the norm in suburban Auckland. Before Hobsonville Point got underway terraced – or any sort of attached housing  – was a very rare typology, even in the inner suburbs.

Before Hobsonville Point, terraced housing was a rare typology in Auckland.

Today over 80% of Hobsonville Point’s product is comprised of terraces. Terraced forms have been further split into apartments, walk-ups, and work from home options in some neighbourhoods, particularly on Hobsonville Point Road, the high street. AVJennings has taken an active role in encouraging the Builder Partners to deliver on the spirit of the CDP and move beyond the typical suburban house in the typologies they offer to the Auckland market.

Standalone housing is still a popular option for families.

Standalone houses at Hobsonville Point

Retirement housing is integrated with the community.

Next week we look at how the 26ha of parks and reserves of Hobsonville Point form a network of green spaces.

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